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CEDARWOOD Cedrus atlantica North Africa, Steam distil. wood. Similar to Sandal but hotter & less smooth. Used in perfumery for lasting base note and fixative properties. Used in skin care, astringent and for oily skin. Inhaled as respiratory tonic. Male aphrodesiac, very yang, calming, warming, balancing. Other varieties:- American red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) Chinese white cedar (Cupressus funebris)

ATLAS CEDAR (Cedrus atlantica): Best for aromatherapy, has some of the softness of sandalwood.

AMERICAN RED CEDAR (Juniperus virginiana) : Widely used in aromatherapy, stronger aroma.

CHINESE WHITE CEDAR (Cupressus funebris): Powerful aroma, strong at first but softer and musky later.