PATCHOULI Pogostemon patchouli steam distil. from leaves Indonesia. Calming, relaxing, antidepressant, balancing & grounding. More stimulating in larger doses. Good in skin conditions; cooling, antiseptic & healing, tissue regenerator, fluid retention, cellulite. Sensual, aphrodisiacal, fixative in perfumery.

PATCHOULI PENANG E.O.: The basic raw patchouli oil from Sumatra and Malaysia, originally sorted and graded in Penang, hence the name.

PATCHOULI SPECIAL E.O.: The raw oil is taken to France and extra distilled producing a finer oil. It is known as “deferrise”, which means de-ironised, the darker colouring resulting from the iron equipment used in Asia is removed, making the oil more suitable for perfumery work.

PATCHOULI ORIENTAL (Arromatic Essence): Woody, earthy and musty. Deep and intense with long lasting raw patchouli, softened with sandal and musk.

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