FRANKINCENSE E.O. (OLIBANUM) Boswellia thuriferia, carterii Steam distil. resin Arabia, N Africa. Elevating, tonic, warming, soothing & sedative effect on mind & emotions. Slows & calms breathing, anxious states. Good & pleasant remedy with clean scent. Used in incense & for meditation since ancient times for opening & receptive qualities. Ancient use in cosmetics, toiletries & rejuvenating face masks, skin care, healing, astringent, antiseptic. Used in inhalations -esp. good for respiratory system, bronchitis, mucous membranes. Helpful in leucorrhoea, cystitis.

FRANKINCENSE (Arromatic Essence): Clean, fresh, clear, resiny and spicy. A fixative in blends. It is balancing and calming and is used to purify the air.

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