CHAMOMILE Matricaria chamomilla steam distil. flowers Germany & India. Relaxing & antidepressant effect on nervous system & in anxiety, tension, fear. Soothing to inflamed & sensitive skin, burns, blisters, wounds, dry& itchy skin. Female disorders, also cramps, nervous pain.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE: A traditional healing oil from the flowers of anthemis noblis. A colourless oil. Aromatherapy quality.

GERMAN CHAMOMILE: A popular healing oil from the flowers of Matricaria chamomilla. A very dark bluish colour due to presence of azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Aromatherapy use. Caution: the dark colour can cause staining.

WILD CHAMOMILE: Found useful by many practitioners where chamomile is called for, though strictly speaking is not a “true” chamomile. Though of good certified French quality, the oil is cheaper because both flowers and leaves are used.

JOJOBA OIL: Is a natural moisturiser witha satiny texture that is non-greasy and does not oxidise as it is a liquid form of wax.

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