Since Bob became ill with emphysema. He regularly travelled to Moree with Pantipa in the van to take the artesian bore waters and have a much needed break from the markets and the essential oil business.These trips were his great respite from the daily struggle of getting enough air into his failing lungs.
After Moree and the baths he got some of his old zing back and, was energised to something like his former self. Both Bob and Pantpa eagerly looked forward to their trips up to Moree. Returning to Sydney Bob felt much better, if only for a short while.
Bob enjoyed Moree and the Baths so much that he sang its praises then wrote and printed a small pamphlet to share his experience, enthusiasm and knowledge of the waters.

baths1Moree has clear open skies and pleasantly dry semi-desert air. There is an unhurried pace and frontier town atmosphere. While Moree is definitely not a trendy destination, it is non -pretentious and therefore a welcome change.

There is plentiful accommodation with a choice from clean budget type to the fairly well appointed, with all the necessities of life available around town. And yes, Moree has lots of hot water, a special kind of hot water that can be found at the not especially distinctive local Baths. Visits to the Municipal Baths are convenient and reasonable priced at $3.50. While its ’60’s architecture lacks new-age style, it has a certain multi-cultural ‘la dolce vita’ gone to pot ambience.

bob-at-bathsOne can sense a low-key healing process quietly happening without a lot of fanfare. In colder times a dreamy mist drift up off the water and sometimes a full moon beams down on the night bathers with glimpses of the tops of cabbage tree palms. Most times, people not in the water are lounging on benches or propped inside cubicles, draped in terry toweling, chatting to others, reading or silently communing. A visit to Moree and taking the waters is both medicinal and recreational in the wider sense.

Around the town, at the Baths, or in brochures one comes across lists of aliments healed or alleviated, miracle cures, advise about bathing and various breakdowns of the actual constituents of the artesian waters. Not always in agreement.

The water comes up from the Artesian Basin at a depth of between 850 meters and one kilometer. The water originally soaked down into the earth under Indonesia or other parts North up to one million years ago. Since then it has slowly moved and been filtered through the rock, dissolving minerals and carrying tiny air bubbles of ancient air. Carrying the heat of the earth’s interior and emerging at the surface at around 41C to 43C.

moree-feb98The artesian waters are very rich in minerals and trace elements and are said to alleviate a large number of degenerative ailments, including arthritis, rheumatism and circulatory complaints. Also aided are limb and spinal injuries. As well the waters tend to calm and reduce nervous tension thus helping in a number of complaints with psychological and neurological components. It is said that the biologically active trace elements are absorbed through the skin while bathing via the lymphatic system and are inherent in the efficacy of the waters. Also playing a part is the direct thermal heat and tiny bubbles of primitive air the collect on the skin.

To gain the maximum benefit one should bath regularly, over at least a few days. With the pools at around 41C, it is difficult to stay in longer than a few minutes at first. In fact it is not advised. The time spent in the water is best built up gradually over a period of time. Many say around 10 days is a good period to stay for the maximum benefit.

Although benefits can be felt in just a day or two. Further benefit is gained using the hydro jets at the main pool where hot sprays of water can be directed on to afflicted parts of the body for maximum stimulation. Water coming out of the jets is the hottest and with no chlorine added at that stage the water smells richly organic. Many drink tap water at this point as a cleanser to the system, but again there is a warning, as too much too soon can be a purgative.

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