Based in Sydney, Australia, Aromatic & Herbal Oils have been operating since 1975 supplying Essential Oils, Aromatic Essences, Absolutes and Attars. Also available are Bottles, Dripolators, Gift Packs, Premium Carrier Oils and Oil Blends.

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Herbal & Essential Oils are obtained from the Leaves, Bark, Flower, Seed and Fruit of aromatic, medicinal and useful plants, usually by steam distillation.

Unlike the various types of Aromatic, Fragrance or Perfume oils our Essential Oils never come mixed or blended (except where stated), they come as pure single distillations or extracts of the one plant.

While some Essential Oils are aromatic or have a pleasant fragrance, others have medicinal or pungent aromas. Unlike vegetable or petroleum oils Herbal Essential Oils are light, volatile and non-greasy, though some do have heavier textures.

Essential oils have a long traditional use in herbalism, aromatherapy, massage therapy, perfumery and a wide range of practical uses (such as insect repellant).

Though completely natural, Essential Oils are a highly concentrated form of the natural plant, therefore exercise caution, as many substances are toxic or irritating in excessive amounts. If uncertain of any complaint or condition, consult your health practitioner.


robert_millicanOriginally established by the late Robert Millican (1945-2001) in 1975, Aromatic & Herbal Oils is now owned and operated by Michelle Loi a great friend of Robert and Pantipa.

Although providing quality products to retail outlets through NSW is our main business, we are also regular stall holders at the Paddies Markets each Wednesday – Sunday.